About Me

Who Am I?

Official photo of Writer Amanda Reid

Who is Amanda Reid? I’m a writer of light paranormal cozy mysteries, launching my first book in October 2019, with urban fantasy romance to be added to my list in 2020. Since I was little, I’ve been a reader and lover of mystery, sci-fi, romance, and paranormal books. Some of my early favorites were a Wrinkle in Time, Dune, and Lord of the Rings. Classics, right? I found my first romance book in my aunt’s closet around thirteen years of age and quickly decided it needed to be added to my repertoire. As do many readers, I had always dreamed of writing. I finally learned the secret, and I’ll let you in on it--do it. Sure there’s a lot to learn about writing, but the first step is to put that story on the page. Then comes the rest!

As for me beyond writing, I was a career Army brat and lived in exotic locations like Tehran, Iran and DeRidder, Louisiana as a child. I obtained an International Politics degree from Penn State, and dreamed of a career in the State Department, but due to unforeseen circumstances I learned of much later, I ended up as a federal agent. I spent 24 years investigating murders, fraud, identity theft, drug dealers and many other crimes before retiring in mid-2019. As you can imagine, it’s given me a wealth of inspiration for my mystery and urban fantasy stories. I do like to help people get law enforcement right in their stories, so don’t hesitate to message me if you have a question and I’ll do my best!

You can also find me at my website, amandareidauthor.com (up soon!) and @AReidWrites on Twitter. 

Peace, love and murder, y’all!