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The Flannigan Sisters Mysteries

Follow this amazing trio of crime-solving psychic sisters as they try to fit the pieces together to solve murders and mayhem!

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Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers front cover art

Adulting isn’t easy, but everything is finally falling into place for Sunny Flannigan. New apartment all of her own? Check. Dream job as a physical therapist? Check. Ex-boyfriend Cace Navarro back in the picture after her meddling older sister kept them apart for seven years? Check. Her crazy power to find things leading her to a stash of stolen goods in a library’s restroom? Womp, womp.

Just when everything seems to be going right, Sunny finds someone sabotaging her carefully planned world, sending Sunny and Cace on the run from the police. Can she and Cace figure their way out of the web before Sunny loses her newfound semi-adult kind of life?

Ghosts, Pies & Alibis

Ghosts, Pies, & Alibis front cover art

Available November 5, 2019!

The Flannigan Gift. Ha! Mina Flannigan Shaffer never believed in anything paranormal, let alone the claims her Grandmother and sisters had visions and other psychic abilities. This skeptic’s more focused on running Sweetie’s Tea Cup Cafe, rehabilitating her life, and spending time with her family after a recent split and reunification with her husband.

But her careful plans are upended when she learns she can see ghosts. Even worse? The spirit of a man who nearly caused her to lose her small-town diner blackmails her into figuring out who shot him. Now, this reluctant sleuth is hot on the trail of a murderer who is willing to kill again to keep their secrets. The suspects are piling up and Mina’s time is running out faster than icy sweet tea on a hot Texas day.

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Murder Most Merry front cover art

Available December 3, 2019!

More details coming soon!